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எங்கள் தமிழ்மொழி நிலையப் பணி


  • UPTLC as a Tamil Language teaching & learning centre

Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre (UPTLC) is one of twelve Tamil Language (TL) Centres which offers Tamil (TL), Basic Tamil (BTL), Higher Tamil (HTL) and Tamil 'B' (TLB) outside curriculum time to pupils of secondary schools which do not have the above mentioned TL programmes. UPTLC also provides Tamil Literature, both as Pure & Elective programmes. All pupils attend classes twice a week, while those taking Basic Tamil and Tamil Literature attend classes once a week. The Tamil Literature course is a two-year course conducted at Sec 3 and Sec 4.  The Centre also conducts a wide range of enrichment and cultural activities for pupils. These give pupils the opportunity to improve their  language skills and gain exposure to Indian Culture and the Fine Arts.



  • UPTLC as a National Tamil Language Resource Centre (NTLRC)

The Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre (UPTLC), beside its traditional role as TL Instruction  Centre, has been accorded the status to function as a National Tamil Language Resource Centre (NTLRC) after its upgrading programme in 2001.  The centre has been actively involved in providing additional programmes to enrich students in the learning of Tamil Language and literature.  It is now striving toward to build and offer TL resources at all educational levels to promote an effective and innovative teaching and learning of Tamil language, culture and arts in Singapore schools.  The centre will also serve as a network for TL teachers to share and reflect professional ideas and experiences.



  • UPTLC - a centre for Professional Development of Tamil Language teachers

Starting 2010, UPTLC has taken on an additional role, that of a Teacher Development Centre for Tamil Language Teachers.  In this capacity, UPTLC designs and provides a range of professional development programmes for Tamil Language teachers.  The key objective is for teachers to equip themselves with better tools to create engaging and interactive lessons for our 21st century active learners.